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Our team is dedicated to connecting with youth where they are, creating safe spaces, and supporting youth in recognizing their strengths and developing skills to thrive. Our team is dedicated to driving collaboration to build on community assets to empower youth with a continuum of supports and opportunities.

Our Connect Team

Sam Valenzuela

Video Project Coordinator
Sam feels strongly about building up the next generation of our communities. He believes its important for youth to know that they have a voice and…

Lydia Vi

Communications  Manager
Lydia’s heart is simple: she has a passion for telling stories and bringing a voice to the voiceless. As the Communications Manager, she develops and…

Ashley Nittle

Director of Monitoring, Evaluation, and Communications
Ashley is passionate about creating opportunities for the team to build trust, connection, and meaningful opportunities to contribute. Her philosophy of…

Windy Ly

Community Engagement Manager
Windy has passion for empowering youth and providing opportunities through education. She believes all people, especially those from undervalued and under…

Auzhane Johnson

Youth Engagement Coordinator
Auzhane Johnson is a youth engagement coordinator part of the Learn team. 

Sydney Spitzer

Youth Engagement Coordinator
Sydney Spitzer is a youth engagement coordinator for the Learn team.

Kellen Willhite

Program Manager (All. Voices. United.)
Kellen Willhite is a program manager (all. Voices. United.)

Kim Martin

Office Manager
Kim Martin is a program coordinator for the Learn team.

Syeda Hamdani

Youth Engagement Coordinator
Syeda is an advocate for justice. Growing up immersed in Sacramento’s diverse culture and as a UC Davis alumna, she is passionate about giving back to her…

Sarbjit Nahal

Director of Programs
Sarbjit is a passionate lifelong educator focused on empowering at risk youth and helping them create a better future for themselves. As a public school…

David Augusto

Program Manager (LEARN)
David is a Program Manager who is committed to ensuring the next generation is equipped with skills and experience to become agents of change. He is…

Eddy Sanchez

Program Coordinator
Eddy is a Sacramento native. He is excited to work with CIC in an effort to give back to the community in the Greater Sacramento area. Eddy is a graduate from..

Olivia Wilson

Program Coordinator
Olivia Wilson is a program coordinator part of the Pro Youth Thrive team.

Blanca Ruiz-Thompson

Youth Engagement Coordinator
Blanca is an experienced Love Notes (relationship skills curriculum) and also offers mentorship and resources that the youth might need. She knows how…

Terry Jones

Program Manager (TRUST 1)
Terry has worked with youth for a long time in the Sacramento community, and she has consistently seen how they have lost faith in having real conversations…

Isaiah Crockran

Program Manager (CIC)
One of Isaiah’s life goals is to end the school-to-prison pipeline, and see youth and young adults thrive as successful community members. He is a go-getter…

Roxanne Flores

Program Manager (HOPE)
Roxanne is a first generation, Latinx woman, who has (and continues) to navigate systematic barriers of obtaining resources for support to achieve her…

Clay Rojas

Director of Programs
Clay has been working with youth since 2015 when he began a program for youth of incarcerated parents at the Grizzly Youth Academy in San Luis Obispo, CA…

Ana Taukolo

Program Engagement Coordinator
Ana Taukolo is a graduate of California State University, Chico, with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and a Bachelor of Arts in Multicultural and Gender…

Alysa Caamal

Program Manager (TRUST 2)
With dedication and the determination to pursue positive and healthy relationships, I continuously challenge myself to promote a safe and welcoming…

Rachel Minnick

Director of the Youth & Family Collective
Rachel Minnick is the director of the youth & family collective.

Brian Vargas

Program Manager (YFC)
Brian helps YFC partners with grant paperwork and organization; making sure they have everything they need to submit a successful grant report. Brian has…

Angie Medina

Director of Strategic Planning and Grant Management
Angie is committed to addressing inequities in our communities, and is dedicated to continuously improving processes to deliver greater impact.

Staci Anderson

President and Chief Executive Officer
Staci has worked in the nonprofit sector for the majority of her career and she works hard to make sure young people, our communities, and our staff are…

Phyllis Deats

Chief Financial Officer
Phyllis is a highly organized leader in Finance, Operations, Human Resources and Project Management. She has been acknowledged as a highly effective partner…

Vicki Spano

Executive Assistant
Vicki’s organizational expertise helps the PRO office run smoothly and efficiently.

Our Board Team

Teresa Stark

Director, State Government Relations, Kaiser Permanente

Sonya Bradly

Board Member
Chief Marketing Officer, Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau

Robert W. Maynard

Vice Chair
Robert Maynard is Chief of our board team. California Highway Patrol, Retired.

Mathew Burgess

Board Member

Leslie Mcfadden

Board Secretary

Dan Fowler

Board Member
VP, Data Center & Cloud Infrastructure, VSP Global