PRO is committed to connecting young people with safe spaces that promote well-being and belonging. Mental wellness and relationship skills programs educate and equip youth with tools to build a healthy future for themselves, their peers, and the communities around them.

Youth Voice

At PRO, youth voice matters! Through youth advisory boards, civic engagement, and leadership programs, young people are provided a platform to share their voices and develop solutions for important issues that affect youth. These programs encourage collaboration among peers and key leaders, fostering a culture of positive change and self-determination.

Collective Impact

PRO’s collective impact initiative, the Youth & Family Collective, unites diverse organizations to provide opportunities for youth, families, and nonprofits to learn, earn, and thrive.

Our Mission & Values

Hope Rises Here

PRO Youth's mission is to inspire, educate, and mobilize young people to build a healthier future for themselves, their families, and their communities. We envision a future where all young people recognize their value, have access to support and opportunities, and believe in their power to be change-agents in their community.

Our Core Values

Youth First

Youth are at the forefront of our work, and we uplift their voices, wellness, and lived experiences. Every decision we make is grounded in the belief that the needs of youth should always come first.​


We can achieve more when we collaborate and innovate/create together. We embrace change and challenge the status quo, adapting to the needs of the youth and communities we serve.


We build strong communities and promote inclusivity at the workplace and within the communities we serve. We walk alongside one another with compassion, open hearts, and open minds.


We foster hope with youth, partners, and our team through purposeful action and advocacy. As a hope-driven agency, we build unity with those we work with and serve, inspiring a vision for the future.

85% of PRO Youth participants felt more hopeful after their experience with PRO

92% agreed they now believe they have the power to make a difference in their community

3000 youth served in 2023 (double the amount of youth served in 2022)

$6m in youth stipends and administrative funds to over 70 community partners since 2018

97% of participants agree or strongly agree that they felt supported by PRO staff members.


Direct Service Program

“Throughout my academic junior year, PRO impacted my life in incredible ways. I looked forward to every meeting day, excited to share my thoughts and express myself in a safe environment, fostered by my peers and Miss Kelley herself. I've become more of an inspired advocate for myself and my community. I wholeheartedly cherish the opportunity to speak with others, raising awareness about mental health and substance abuse prevention. I highly recommend the program to anyone considering to sharpen their leadership skills, educate themselves about mental health and substances, or meet new people, having an amazing time throughout it all.”


SCOE Fellow

“I think [these types of opportunities are] important because they allow youth to see into a different world. This is a world I hadn’t been exposed to, and it gave me the ability to learn how to adapt to it and know that I belong as much as the next person. It is also really helpful for networking; it allows youth to meet people in very high places that not everyone gets the chance to meet unless they’ve already gotten to a high place themselves. One of the biggest things, it gives youth the ability to learn and get first-hand experience in many different areas and to explore their interests. All of that is something that is indispensable and that people don’t get at just any job.”


PRO Youth Advisory Board

“I know that when kids have the right support system and the proper resources, they can achieve anything. I want to be someone who helps make a meaningful impact on their lives while giving back to my community. I fully believe that being on the Youth Advisory Board for Sacramento will enable me to achieve that goal.”

At PRO, Youth Voice Matters!

Who better to speak to the impact of our PROgramming than the incredible youth we serve? Read our most recent newsletter for more information.

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