Who We Are

Founded in 1981, PRO Youth & Families is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to engaging youth in opportunities that inspire hope. The organization is guided by the core values of putting youth first, fostering a sense of belonging, promoting collaboration, and instilling hope. Through strategic partnerships with schools, community organizations, local governments, and the private sector, PRO empowers young people to become leaders and change-agents in their communities.

Hope Rises Here

Our Mission & Values

PRO's mission is to inspire, educate, and mobilize young people to build a healthier future for themselves, their families, and their communities. We envision a future where all young people recognize their value, have access to support and opportunities, and believe in their power to be change-agents in their community.


Founded in 1981, People Reaching Out (PRO) originated from a grassroots effort by a group of concerned community members aiming to tackle crime, gang activity, and drug problems in their local park. Under the leadership of former President/CEO Kathy Hill, PRO swiftly expanded its mission to include offering prevention programs in local schools and community sites. These youth and community-focused programs caught the attention of President Ronald Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan, who commended its outstanding work.


PRO hosted various fundraising events, including the popular Black Tie and Tennies dinner in collaboration with the Sacramento Kings Foundation. First Lady Hillary Clinton recognized the excellence of PRO's Students Reaching Out program, holding it up as a model for national replication. Additionally, PRO received a generous donation of a new office building from Cal Fed Bank, located on Auburn Blvd.


In the 2000s, Staci Anderson assuming the role of CEO/President. Under her leadership, PRO revamped its programs to have a greater impact, focusing on serving a smaller number of youths from low-opportunity communities for longer periods of time. This strategic change allowed PRO to deepen its impact and foster lasting change. Additionally, People Reaching Out celebrated its 25th anniversary, marking a quarter-century of dedicated service to the community.


People Reaching Out (PRO) merged with the Relationship Skills Center and was renamed PRO Youth & Families. This merger expanded PRO's reach and services, allowing it to better serve youth and families in the Sacramento region. During this time, PRO launched the Youth & Family Collective, an initiative aimed at providing comprehensive support to the community. They also managed the Fruitridge Community Collaborative Site, collaborating with 22 nonprofit organizations to provide a wide range of services. In 2019, PRO Youth & Families received its first federal grant to implement the Love Notes curriculum in school sites, the building donated by Cal Fed Bank was sold, and the PRO team relocated to the Fruitridge site.


During the pandemic, the City of Sacramento partnered with PRO's Youth & Family Collective to ensure a more equitable distribution of services to youth in the city's most vulnerable communities. PRO created the Mental Wellness Champions program, later renamed MindOneSix, in response to the significant youth mental health crisis exacerbated by the pandemic. PRO Youth & Families moved to a new office location and experienced significant expansion in both staff and programs, growing from 13 to 35 staff members and increasing its budget from $800,000 to $4 million. One of our key projects was the MindOneSix Mental Wellness Service-Learning Project, developed in partnership with community-based organizations serving youth in the Sacramento City Unified School District, further reinforcing our commitment to mental health and community well-being. We remain dedicated to expanding our impact by inspiring, educating, and mobilizing young people throughout our region, across the state, and eventually nationwide.

Our Areas of Work


PRO is committed to connecting young people with safe spaces that promote well-being and belonging. Mental wellness and relationship skills programs educate and equip youth with tools to build a healthy future for themselves, their peers, and the communities around them.

Youth Voice

At PRO, youth voice matters! Through youth advisory boards, civic engagement, and leadership programs, young people are provided a platform to share their voices and develop solutions for important issues that affect youth. These programs encourage collaboration among peers and key leaders, fostering a culture of positive change and self-determination.

Collective Impact

PRO’s collective impact initiative, the Youth & Family Collective, unites diverse organizations to provide opportunities for youth, families, and nonprofits to learn, earn, and thrive.

Our Core Values

Youth First

Youth are at the forefront of our work, and we uplift their voices, wellness, and lived experiences. Every decision we make is grounded in the belief that the needs of youth should always come first.​


We can achieve more when we collaborate and innovate/create together. We embrace change and challenge the status quo, adapting to the needs of the youth and communities we serve.


We build strong communities and promote inclusivity at the workplace and within the communities we serve. We walk alongside one another with compassion, open hearts, and open minds.


We foster hope with youth, partners, and our team through purposeful action and advocacy. As a hope-driven agency, we build unity with those we work with and serve, inspiring a vision for the future.

The PRO Youth Team

Staci Anderson

President & CEO

Rachel Minnick

Chief Collaboration Officer

Alysa Caamal

Chief Program Officer

Nima Ebrahimi

Chief Financial Officer

Felicia Alling

Manager of Monitoring & Evaluation

Kiera Anderson

Stewardship and Donor Relations Director

Ty Benigno

Program Coordinator

Jordan Black

Program Coordinator

Melissa Comstock

Program Manager

Amy Conway

Program Coordinator

Isahbelle Dionisio

Program Coordinator

Mariah Hickman

Program Manager

Cady Horobin-Wohlers

Advancement Manager

Carmen Huang

Project Coordinator of Monitoring & Evaluation

Taylor Intermill

Associate Director of YFC

Christina Johnson

Operations Manager

Kelley Lee

Program Coordinator

Angela Medina

Director of Strategic Planning

Kristy Mustra

Program Coordinator

Dexter Niskala

Program Coordinator

Terry Nojima

Associate Director of Programs

Kassandra Ramirez

Program Analyst

Amy Rawlings

Communications Manager

Gabrielle Rivas

Program Coordinator

Julius Robinson

Program Coordinator

Emiliano Rosas

Community Engagement Coordinator

Sydney Saiya

Program Manager BHYAB

Dominick Scott

Project Coordinator for YFC

Nicholas Soliz

Board & Commissions Coordinator

Mai Townsend

Outreach Coordinator

Our Board Members

Debbie Merizon

Board Chair

Leslie McFadden

Board Secretary

Valentina Glaviano

Board Member

Amina Zamani

Board Member

PRO Youth Advisory Board

We amplify youth voices within our organization's operations through our Youth Advisory Board. Selected programming alumni have the unique opportunity to gain insights into various PRO departments. These youths actively participate in program development initiatives and are encouraged to offer constructive feedback. By creating this platform for youth engagement, we aim to ensure that our programming truly resonates with the youths we serve.

Savanna Karmue

Board Member

Madeline Ford

Board Member

Scarlett Valdes

Board Member

Melanie Wambwa

Board Member

Radha Chauhan

Board Member

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