About Us

PRO Youth and Families partners with schools, community organizations, and local governments to engage youth in OPPORTUNITIES that inspire HOPE. PRO Youth and Families’ offers a variety of direct service programs for youth and supports the Youth & Family Collective initiative that uplifts community organizations, drives collaboration, and fosters capacity building for responsive youth and family programs and services.


PRO’s direct service programs are offered in school and community-based settings and include:


– Advocacy & Civic Engagement
– Mentoring
– Relationship Skills
– Mental Wellness
– Underage drinking, marijuana and tobacco prevention


PRO Programs provide safe spaces for youth to discover who they are, explore topics that impact their daily lives, cultivate skills, and develop into leaders and change-agents for their communities. PRO’s desire to drive more responsive services and programs for youth and families in Sacramento along with its belief in community collaboration led to its Youth and Family Collective (YFC) initiative. The YFC brings together organizations across Greater Sacramento to help youth, families, and nonprofits to learn, earn, and thrive. The YFC builds on existing community assets and works to foster connections and alignment of programs and services, support capacity building for community organizations, and drive collaborative programs. To date, over 70 organizations have engaged in YFC programs and projects.


Inspire, educate, and mobilize young people to build a healthier future for themselves, their families, and their communities.


All young people recognize their value, have supports and opportunities, and belief in their power be change-agents in their community.


  • Strategic & future-focused
  • Power of Yes
  • Honor Commitments
  • Lived experiences matter
  • Assume good intent
  • Encourage the heart
  • Use your voice