Regan Overholt

Chief Training Officer

November 2021
Regan oversees the internal workings of the agencies (processes, procedures, systems, planning) to support the work and activities done by the programs and our agency. Regan has spent her career in human services and is a staunch advocate for the communities and populations for whom support and services are not always easily attainable. She believes we ALL do better when all of us ARE better!

What 3 words would you use to describe yourself?

  • Creative
  • Collaborative
  • Compassionate

What is your theme song or a song that motivates you?

"Love is the Answer"

What is a "life motto" that you live by OR a phrase/motivational quote that inspires you?

"Do good and good will come to you". I believe that the energy you put out into the world is returned to you (karma). My goal is to focus on the positive, productive, peaceful and love as those are qualities I want as a part of my life.