PRO Youth and Families vision and actions respond to the widespread impacts of trauma. Our strategy works at
many levels: reorienting and strengthening community organizations, engaging youth and their families in the communities they live in at a grass-roots level, and sharing and building the skills critical to reducing the social
and emotional impact of trauma.

We know that trauma can be healed by resilience - a strength that can be learned by developing healthy habits, compassion for yourself, nurturing social communications and bonds, and cultivating optimism and hope are at the core of what PRO Youth and Families provides to the youth, families and communities we serve.

21st Century Skills

Advocacy & Civic Engagement


In our interactive workshops, youth,
and adults learn about life skills, how to better engage as parents
and how to empower youth, improve family communication,
and resolve conflicts.
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Our programs cultivate optimism, hope, and a service orientation to life. Youth are inspired to stand up and speak out for change and gain first-hand experience to succeed in community and government settings while building networks with local leaders.
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Through our mentoring programs, youth develop the necessary leadership skills that will nurture social connections and allow them to be positive role models for younger children in their neighborhoods.
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Substance Abuse Prevention

Summer @ City Hall

Summer Opportunities

Through our programs, we provide carefully designed prevention strategies that target the primary causes of early alcohol use by addressing the most important factors that lead to adolescent alcohol use.
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PRO Youth and Families in  partnership  with the City of Rancho Cordova,  laundched Summer @ City Hall, €a 5-week program for youth ages 13-18 living within City of Rancho Cordova boundaries.
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We are a strengths-based youth development agency that inspires young people in under-resourced communities to speak out and stand up for the issues that matter to them.
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Workforce Navigation

Youth @ City Council

Youth Leadership Academy

The Workforce Navigation Program is a collaboration between six nonprofit organizations and is designed to seamlessly provide support to community members, to connect with needed services, engage in skill development - both social-emotional and job skills, and place participants in jobs.
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Youth @ City Council program is a 12-month civic education program designed to develop young leaders and foster their civic engagement through hands-on, practical experiences while utilizing real government and community opportunities and events.
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Our vision is that young people recognize their value, advocate for issues they care about, be engaged citizens, and know how to create healthy relationships.
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