SacYouthWorks: Futures


Support youth in creating pathways to healthy futures and college/career success through work-based learning experiences incorporating underage marijuana prevention education.

Our Market

City of Sacramento youth ages 14-19,* with an emphasis on engaging youth most impacted by systemic oppression and/or adverse childhood/community experiences.

*Eligibility based on current partnership/funding source (City of Sacramento BSCC Prop 64 Public Health and Safety Funds)

Key Components

  1. Network of Community-based organizations to connect and guide youth through a 40-hour program combining work-based learning experiences and prevention education.
  2. Learn: Youth engage in a minimum of 10 hours of underage marijuana use prevention education and up to 10 hours of work-readiness skills training.
  3. Earn: Youth engage in a minimum of 20 hours of service/applied work projects and earn a stipend of $500.

Program Highlights