Sydney Spitzer

Program Manager

June 2021
Sydney manages the Sacramento County Behavioral Health Youth Advisory Board; she promotes self-efficacy as she teaches members to advocate through policy recommendations. She came to PRO from Mayor Steinberg’s Office of Civic Engagement – blending her love for policy with her passion for youth. Her success in creating the BHYAB has led to new opportunities as a consultant for the development of the Yolo County Youth Commission.

What 3 words would you use to describe yourself?

  • Ailurophile
  • Solacer
  • Quaintrelle

What is your theme song or a song that motivates you?

"Explaining my Depression to My Mother" by Sabrina Benaim

What is a "life motto" that you live by OR a phrase/motivational quote that inspires you?

"Be the person you needed as a child."