Eddy Sanchez

Program Coordinator


Eddy is a Sacramento native. He is excited to work with CIC in an effort to give back to the community in the Greater Sacramento area. Eddy is a graduate from William Jessup University and received a BA in Bible and Theology.

Since 2012, Eddy has served youth and young adults professionally using holistic approaches such as community development, youth advocacy and case management. Eddy wants to be seen as an ‘alongsider’ by coming alongside youth and helping them achieve their goals in education.

Eddy enjoys reading books, spending time with his wife and family, exploring nature and traveling.

What high school did you attend and in what city?

Luther Burbank High School Sacramento, CA

What song motivates you to jump out of bed in the morning?

Coming in Hot by Andy Mineo

What after school programs, or activities did you participate in while in high school?

I was avid in my ceramics class. I would spend lunch hours crafting my projects. I was also part of my youth group at the local church at the time. And I enjoyed playing basketball during recess and parks in the community.

What 3 words would you use to describe yourself?

  • Deep thinker
  • Social
  • Encourager

Who are your favorite people, groups, or organizations to follow on social media?

  • Anthony Oneal Podcast
  • Skating influencers
  • Cross Way

Please define what it means to you to be a HOPE dealer.

Being a Hope dealer means being present to the next generation. I aspire to bring Hope by being my most authentic self and building relationships in the community and motivating others to do the same.