Trust 2

Trust 2.0 is a program focusing on justice impacted youth who live within Sacramento County and Placer County. The youth served are between the ages of 12-18. The program focuses on teaching healthy relationship skills to justice impacted youth who are: Youth who have an incarcerated family member, who have been suspended or expelled from school, live in a zip code with disproportionately high arrest and incarceration rates, as well as youth at risk of entering the justice system.


This program uses an evidence based curriculum proven to foster relationships among youth with trusted adults and reduce risk of teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. Youth are rewarded with gift cards for their completion.

Program Goals

The goal of this program is to reach 330 youth each year and includes teaching skills to support youth in setting and pursuing goals including establishing a vision, understanding one’s own expectation for the future, healthy decision making, and establishing boundaries.

Contact Person

Alysa Caamal

How does this program make a difference?

This program gives youth the opportunity to learn and share what they have learned within a safe environment. This program also gives youth the space to express themselves and share their unique experiences with others who live within their communities.To have a space where youth feel accepted and understood is the priority. This gives youth the freedom to share their voices and utilize the information learned from their groups to enhance their lives and their communities within a positive light.

What is in it for you?

Equip justice-impacted youth with knowledge and skills to support healthy decision making leading to reduction/delay in sexual activity through the delivery of evidence-based SRAE curriculum, resulting in the reduction of teen pregnancy, STI rates, and risk behaviors.

Is there a stipend?

Yes – $50 Gift Card for completing 80% or more of the program.

Is it an open enrollment program?

Sites and schools served

Mac Road Community Center, First Step Communities, SCUSD, Stepping Stone, Antelope High School

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Trust 2.0 is a program focusing on justice impacted youth who live within Sacramento County and Placer County. The youth served are between the…

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