PRO Youth Advisory Board

PRO Youth Advisory Board

Internal Youth Committee and Youth Board Members will provide direction and input on programs and services that would best meet community interests and needs. A youth board will reinforce the mission and values of the PRO Youth and Families to internal and external audiences, providing a voice at the highest governance level of the organization on behalf of the population being served by the organization, bringing a fresh perspective, tapping into new networks and, in a broader context, developing the next generation of organizational leaders.

Program Goals

  •  Provide opportunities to keep the alumni connected post-program
  • Guide in the direction of program offerings and the structure of programs
  • Build a ‘community of caring for young people through networks, collaborations, and coalitions

Contact Person

Windy Ly

How does this program make a difference?

  • Expanded network of trusted adults through mentorship
  • Expanded network opportunities for professional development
  • Improved job readiness – resume, cover letters, comfortable with interviews
  • Leadership development – public speaking, presentation, advocacy, teamwork, democratic leadership, community outreach

What is in it for you?

  1. Connection and healing through conversations
  2. Techniques/skills/tools to manage stress
  3. Mental health and wellness resources (local and national)
  4. Increased confidence to advocate for mental wellness for themselves and for their peers
  5. Alternatives to the medical/clinical model of mental health support

Is there a stipend?

No Stipend offered at the moment.

Is it an open enrollment program?

Sites and schools served

Open to all students that are former alumni of a PRO Program

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