Life Skills Training


PRO Youth and Families’ Life Skills Training program is designed to give students the skills to be successful and reinforce the importance of setting goals, communicating effectively, and making productive decisions about risky behaviors through interactive group activities, and team-building exercises. Towards the end of the program students execute an anti-underage drinking campaign on their campus

Program Goals

Improve youth’s level of knowledge regarding substance use prevention, increase their perception of harm of alcohol or other drug use, and increase in the belief that they can make a difference in the community through advocacy projects.

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How does this program make a difference?

It brings awareness to the issue of underage substance use prevention and supports a healthy norm regarding alcohol and drug use.

What is in it for you?

Youth become empowered to discuss a relevant topic; and they develop their voice as they apply research and communication skills to execute an Advocacy Project.

Is there a stipend?

No Stipend offered at the moment.

Is it an open enrollment program?


Sites and schools served

Burbank HS, Encina HS, Florin HS, Hiram Johnson HS, Jackman MS, Valley HS

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Life Skills Training

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