HOPE (Healthy Optimistic Preventative Education) is a healthy relationship training program for youth living in Sacramento county between the ages of 12-19. Throughout this program, youth learn about the importance of making healthy choices to reduce their chances of engaging in risky behaviors. Youth who complete 75% or more of the program receive a monetary gift card.

Program Goals

Reach 480 youth per year
– reduce teen pregnancy in Sacramento County? (Maybe let’s add in zip codes?)
– Empower youth by providing them with healthy relationship tools/skills

Contact Person

Roxanne Flores

How does this program make a difference?

This program matters and makes a difference in the communities we serve because it provides youth a safe space to be able to have authentic conversations and learn about healthy vs. unhealthy relationships. Our program takes a holistic approach when discussing preventative sexual risks and other risky behaviors that are more likely to lead towards an unhealthy relationship. Since starting this program in 2020, we have heard from youth about how better prepared they felt after our program to start making healthier choices not only in their relationships but other spheres of their lives as well.

What is in it for you?

Youth gain an deeper understanding of themselves, ways to manage their emotions, tools/skills to build healthy relationships and a meaningful connection with PRO Youth mentors.

Is there a stipend?

Yes – $50 Gift Card for completing 75% or more of the program.

Is it an open enrollment program?


Sites and schools served

Health Professions HS, Rosemont HS

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