All Voices United

All Voices United

The All Voices United Program (A.V.U.) is a program that intends in creating a safe space for students of color, LGBT identifying students, and students whose identities intersect with those identities. The A.V.U. program will strive in giving those students the tools and mentorship to accept a truth they may not see as one; that their voice matters.

Program Goals

To impact the culture on the school campus to improve students’ connectedness, relationships with caring adults, and creating opportunities for meaningful involvement.

Contact Person

Kellen Willhite

How does this program make a difference?

This program will make a difference through its mission in inspiring youth leadership and allowing diverse students to use their voice and say, “I matter. We matter.”

What is in it for you?

Feel more connected to your peers, have a group of people you can rely on, & advocate for policy change in your school.

Is there a stipend?

No Stipend offered at the moment.

Is it an open enrollment program?

Sites and schools served

American Legion HS, Hiram Johnson HS, Luther Burbank, McClatchy

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