Workforce Navigation

This program is designed to seamlessly provide support to community members, especially those involved with the criminal justice system, to connect with needed services, engage in skill development, both social-emotional and job skills, and place participants in jobs.

This Workforce Navigation Program is designed to bring about change to address inequities stemming from the War on Drugs that have impacted Sacramento’s South Oak Park and Fruit Ridge/Stockton communities by:

  • Providing a whole-person care approach empowering residents towards self-sufficiency with job readiness and placement.
  • Addressing the economic, physical and emotional well-being of residents and the community with a comprehensive system navigation service by leveraging a joint-use space as a hub for services, and creating a trauma-informed, client-centered approach to service.

Collaborating Organizations

  • Pivot Sacramento
  • Outside the Walls
  • Self-Awareness and Recovery
  • Neighborhood Innovation Project
  • PRO Youth & Families

To learn more please contact Nicole Cuellar: