Substance Abuse Prevention

Tobacco Education Program

Before the pandemic, PRO Youth was working with James Rutter middle school students on tobacco awareness advocacy. Through these social media posts they hope to be able to bring to awareness on the affects of tobacco for all youth.

Partnership with Sacramento County Coalition for Youth and #FutureForward

In states where marijuana is legal, in comparison with other states, youth show a 25% higher use of marijuana by their senior year of high school (Monitoring the Future, 2017).

PRO Youth and Families is working alongside Sacramento County Coalition for Youth (SCCY) to help reduce substance abuse in Sacramento County. The #FutureForward campaign is a multidimensional campaign that provides a variety of opportunities including education and training, a youth summit and mini grants.

As a collective group SCCY is helping reduce underage drinking and drug and alcohol use by providing community members will opportunities for education through Town Halls, trainings and workshops.  Youth can learn to make change in their community through advocacy groups, the 2018 Youth Summit and mini grant opportunities.  Through these grants’ students can apply for up to $10,000 to do a project of their choice in their community.


Call to Action: Town Hall

Town Halls are held across Sacramento County and offer an  opportunity to learn about current marijuana trends and its effect. Community members can learn from expert panelists and have open discussions around the legalization of marijuana.

Town Halls are interactive, discussion based and give community members the chance to speak openly about the trends they are seeing in their communities.

For more information contact Windy Ly:

Youth Led Alcohol Prevention Campaigns

Youth in six Sacramento County schools lead alcohol prevention campaigns on their campus.  These schools use their voice to create a campaign that changes the social norms on their campus

 Schools that participate in alcohol prevention
 campaigns include:

  • Burbank High School
  • Hiram Johnson Law Academy
  • Kennedy High School
  • Florin High School
  • Valley High School
  • Jackman Middle School

Over the years our students have created a variety of campaigns and have taken the opportunity to change the perception of drinking on their campus. Did you know that:

  • Lower income neighborhoods have 40% more alcohol outlets than higher income zip codes?
  • Our students said that despite the differences between neighborhoods that they wouldn’t allow their zip code to dictate their future.
  • 72% of students thought that someone would make fun of someone who refused to drink at a party.  Reality shows that 96% of students would not make fun of someone who refused a drink. Rather than drinking our students stand for something more like art, dance, ESL, music and sports.
  • Students believe that most people on their campus are drinking but our survey results show that only 12% of students drank in the past 30 days.  Through handprints our students proudly shared with their classmates that they did not drink.
  • Through surveys our students said that they biggest reason youth drink is because of stress, peer pressure and gangs.
  • When asked how they feel about their neighborhood an outstanding 55% said bored with only 8% saying they felt inspired in their current neighborhood.