Advocacy & Civic Engagement

PRO Youth and Families partners with schools, community organizations, and local governments to provide young people with an authentic opportunity to work alongside community leaders and learn how to make change from
the ground up.

Youth are inspired to stand up, speak out for change, and gain first-hand experience in community and government settings, building networks with local leaders, cultivating optimism, hope and service orientation to life.




Weekly meetings
Field trips and guest speakers
(e.g. State Capitol Tour)
Network with community leaders
Organize a “give back” project to help
build up others in the Sacramento region

Gain leadership skills
Discuss your ideas with area leaders
Show your family and friends the
practical steps needed to create
change in your community

You have the CONFIDENCE to network with other youth and adults.
Your PERSPECTIVE is valuable.
Your LEADERSHIP can make a difference.
You can use your KNOWLEDGE to educate others on how to become an engaged citizen

2019-2020 School Site List:


  • Valley HS
  • Reith Elementary
  • Leimbach Elementary
  • Florin HS
  • Jackson Elementary
  • Kirchgater Elementary
  • Sierra Elementary
  • Monterey Trail HS
  • Herberger Elementary
  • West Elementary
  • Morse Elementary
  • Jackman MS
  • Mack Elementary
  • Prairie Elementary
  • Union Elementary
  • Rutter MS
  • Reese Elementary
  • Kennedy Elementary
  • Florin Elementary


  • Hiram Johnson HS
    • PBP & APC
  • Will C. Wood MS
    • Restorative Justice
  • Burbank HS
    • APC
  • Kennedy HS
  • MLK Elementary
  • Rosemont
  • Golden Empire


  • San Juan HS
  • Skycrest Elementary
  • Encina HS
  • Greer Elementary