PRO Youth & Families believes that strong community collaboration is essential to carrying out our mission and is currently leading the Youth & Family Collective, an initiative bringing together organizations, including nonprofits and partners in business and government, to create a new model for serving youth and families.


Fruit Ridge Community Collaborative

Youth & Family Collective

Fruit Ridge Community Collaborative (FRCC) is a hub for neighborhood empowerment housing 23 nonprofit organizations and serving as a meeting place for dozens more. Located in South Oak Park, FRCC provides a safe place for the community to gather, celebrate, learn and play. PRO has been a part of the FRCC community as a tenant since 2016. FRCC is a founding partner of the Youth & Family Collective and has received support of YFC to build its capacity to serve the community.

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The mission of the Youth & Family Collective (YFC) is to empower youth and families in the Sacramento region to learn, earn, and thrive. YFC is made up of dozens of nonprofits and support partners working to support youth and families with a comprehensive, client-centered approaches by aligning programming and resources and by building capacity of nonprofit organizations.

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