Learn. Earn. Thrive


PRO Youth and Families has joined more than 25 other nonprofit and civic organizations to form a collective that revolutionizes social impact in the Greater Sacramento region. The Youth & Family Collective integrates organizations that are already advancing complementary goals, aligning programs and effort to uproot long-entrenched causes of trauma in our communities.


As leaders we think together, plan together, act together and change together. We seek agile teamwork, constructive communication, mutual trust, and honesty. We recognize that bigger challenges need bigger solutions. Through collaboration with member organizations, as well as other institutions in the community, including government funders and others, we are dedicated to finding those solutions.

Youth & Family Collective welcomes partners committed to preparing youth and families in the Greater Sacramento region to seize their future. YFC partners network with organizations with similar goals, contribute to building and implementing the YFC model, and participate in shared priority-setting.

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