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Relationship Skills

Let PRO help you build stronger relationships within your families and communities. Our certified trainer can work directly with participants, and can also train your staff to deliver high-quality, effective, and impactful workshops to your clientele. These interactive workshops for youth and adults focus on improving relationships through life skills, parent engagement, youth empowerment, family communication and conflict resolution.

Staff are trained in multiple evidence-based programs and are also available to provide Training of Trainers certification workshops for the Nurturing Parenting Program, Love Notes, Relationship Smarts PLUS, and Mastering the Mysteries of Love.


We teach the necessary skills used to build effective lines of communication, create an atmosphere that fosters strong relationships, and promote individual and collective self-worth by recognizing and honoring family cultural practices and beliefs.


Equips participants with skills to improve their relationships (e.g. communication).  Healthy relationships lead to better mental health, lower rates of juvenile delinquency, and improved school performance.  Interactive workshops for adults and youth.


Your EFFORT can positively impact relationships.  Your KNOWLEDGE can help your family become stronger.  Your family’s beliefs and values can lay the FOUNDATION for your future.