PRO Mentoring Helps Local Student Reach Their Goals

Meet Tanisha Singh, 7th grader at James Rutter Middle School.  This is Tanisha’s first time as a PRO Mentor and she has proven that she is proactive, positive and passionate.

“I joined PRO because I want to be a role model.”

Tanisha is able to be a role model for students in three different elementary schools in Elk Grove- Reese Elementary, Kennedy Elementary and Florin Elementary.

At the elementary schools Rutter Mentors like Tanisha are helping set up student councils on their campus.

Our mentor programs are a great opportunity for teens to get involved in their community and provide a safe space for them to be themselves.

“I like PRO because I get to talk to a lot of people and can act like myself.”

But talking wasn’t always something that Tanisha felt comfortable doing.

“I used to be afraid of talking but PRO has helped and inspired me to get better at speaking in public.”

Tanisha has been able to practice her public speaking and communication skills while volunteering as a mentor and it has allowed her to feel more comfortable while working on skills that can help her in the future.

“My goal is to be a pediatrician.”

“My experience at PRO will help me reach my goal because I need to be able to speak to my clients.”

Seeing Tanisha work hard has been inspiring for both her mentees and all of us at PRO.  We are proud of you Tanisha!