Young Leader Shines at San Juan High School

Meet Araceli Pascual, 15-years-old.  She is a 9th grader at San Juan High School and is a first time mentor with PRO Youth and Families.

She is using PRO Mentoring as an opportunity to give back to her community and grow emotionally.

“I want to learn how to be more patient and help the people that I can.”

As an immigrant from Mexico, Araceli has proved that she is hard working and resilient.

“Seven years ago I moved back to the United States and had to learn a whole new language.”

“I had to get used to living in a new place, which was difficult at times.”

Though Araceli faced obstacles because of her language barrier she now speaks three languages and has big dreams beyond high school.

“I want to help others, go to college and become a realtor or a surgeon.”

We love seeing all the dreams and aspiration that our leaders like Araceli has.  We have no doubt that whatever path she chooses she will continue to succeed.