Rutter Middle School Students Stands Out As Mentor

Meet one of PRO’s emerging leaders!  Sarina Cross is a 7th grader at James Rutter Middle School.

Sarina joined in November when she found out that she could mentor students at her alma mater elementary school.

“I joined to visit my old school, but I also like that it teaches me to be more outgoing.”

Sarina is confident and is a great mentor by showing others to be comfortable being themselves.

“I am special because don’t care what anyone thinks.”

Besides sharing her confidence Sarina is learning skills to help her reach her goals.

“My goals is to be a pediatrician.”

As a pediatrician Sarina will need to be comfortable working with different types of people.

“PRO is fun and teaches me to be more outgoing.”

“It also is helping me reach my goals of becoming a pediatrician by teaching me to be more gentle.”

PRO is so lucky to have strong leaders like Sarina!  Keep up the good work.