Black Child Legacy Campaign’s Trunk or Treat Gathered Hundreds of Families to Celebrate Halloween!

PRO Youth & Families Was Proud to Support Trunk or Treat at Fruit Ridge Community Collaborative


On Tuesday, October 31st the Black Child Legacy Campaign of Fruitridge/Stockton hosted Trunk or Treat at Fruit Ridge Community Collaborative (FRCC).  This event was a labor of love from organizations across Sacramento and everyone’s dedication and passion were felt at the event.


We couldn’t have made this event possible without all of the community partners help and dedication.  Participants for the event included: Black Child Legacy Campaign of Fruitridge/Stockton and Oak Park,  FRCC (Fruit Ridge Community Collaborative), PRO Youth and Families, My Sister’s House, Legal Services of Northern California, Reading Partners, Oak Ridge Elementary School, 21 Reasons, Tower of Youth, BHC (Building Healthy Communities), Center for Community Health and Well Being, Black Mothers United, River Oak Center for Children, Birth and Beyond Resource Center, Sacramento County Probation, Sac PD, Sac State’s Alphi Phi Omega, Black Parallel School Board, Hawk Institute, Sacramento ESL Program, Girls on the Rise, IQ Squad, Michael Minnick (Sac City Unified School Board Member and Trustee), Enriching Lives, South Oak Park Community Association, NCADD (National Alcoholism and Drug Dependence), Girls Self Esteem Program and the Hiram Johnson Law Academy.


What is the Black Child Legacy Campaign?

PRO Youth and Families is a member of the Fruitridge/Stockton Black Child Legacy incubator and is actively working to reduce the number of African American children that die every year.  At this time African American children in Sacramento County are dying at twice the rate of any other race regardless of income, education or life circumstances.  The four causes of death have been broken down into four categories: prenatal, safe sleep, child abuse and neglect and third party homicide.


How is PRO helping with the Black Child Legacy Campaign?

PRO Youth and Families is committed to helping Sacramento County become a healthier community.  As a part of our commitment we are leading monthly family socials at Oak Ridge Elementary.  Each month we will discuss different topics that help families reduce stress, make healthier choices and facilitate strong and healthy bonds between families and their children.