“Talk. They hear you.”

PRO Youth and Families Is Proud to Support Sacramento County Coalition for Youth’s Underage Drinking Prevention Campaign

“Talk. They Hear You.” is Sacramento County Coalition for Youth’s (SCCY) underage drinking prevention campaign encouraging parents to talk to the children about underage drinking. With nearly half of all ninth grade students in Sacramento County reporting they have tried alcohol, SCCY encourages parents to talk to their children early and often about alcohol use – and to also actively listen to the challenges they face.

SCCY and other community leaders have gathered input and identified that parents communicating with their children about the dangers of alcohol use and sharing their expectations can have a profound impact on young people’s decisions about alcohol consumption.

How do you start the conversation? SCCY has gathered resources for parents including action plans and conversation starters to help parents engage in conversation about underage drinking. Check out more information here about SCCY’s “Talk. They Hear You.” campaign here.

And check out these additional resources:

How to tell if your child is drinking.

Why have the conversation?

Create a conversation action plan.

Tips for starting the conversation.

Talk. They Hear You.

PRO Youth and Families is dedicated to preventing underage drinking. Programs like SCCY’s Talk. They Hear You campaign and PRO’s student-led advocacy campaign regarding underage drinking in the Spring of 2017 are critical in raising awareness and making an impact.