PRO and Samuel Jackman Middle School’s Respect Campaign Really Made a Difference!

Samuel Jackman Middle School’s Respect Campaign

PRO Youth and Families has been working alongside students


Since December of last year, PRO Youth and Families has been working alongside students attending Samuel Jackman Middle School to promote the Respect Campaign, a campaign that explores the topic of respect and how it relates to everyday human interaction.

PRO set out to run this campaign by having students divide into pairs and come up with what respect means to them and then to share those thoughts in poster form. Once the slogans/important words relating to what the word “respect” means to them, they created quite revealing posters. Upon completing the posters, our team took photos of each student holding his/her poster. While taking the photos, we noticed immediately how impactful this activity was for them because of the ideas that they chose to portray in their posters, and how proud they were to display them for our social media sites. Of primary concern to them included questions related to respect for each other, teachers, community, school, and violence, and promoted a happier and healthier campus. Through participating in this activity and by creating these posters, youth had a rare chance to advocate for change. These youth had the opportunity to express themselves in an artistic and newfound way and they grew tremendously from it and we believe that their poster creations have been revealing and wonderful forms of self-expression that will forever impact them and what they feel is significant in their lives.


Check out the posters created by youth for the Samuel Jackman Middle School’s Respect Campaign!

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