21st Century Skills

In our interactive workshops, youth and adults learn about life skills, how to better engage as parents and how to empower youth, improve family communication, and resolve conflicts. We teach the necessary skills used to build effective lines of communication, create an atmosphere that fosters strong relationships, and promote individual and collective self-worth.

The HOPE Program

Relationship Skills Workshop


The HOPE Program is a relationship skills for youth program designed in collaboration by four nonprofit organizations; PRO Youth and Families, My Sister’s House, The Hawk Institute and the Center. The goal of The Hope Program is to create impact through improved skills around self-regulation, goal setting, risk behaviors and recognition of unhealthy relationships.

This program has a three-pronged, holistic approach through the following components: the delivery of the evidence-based Relationship Smarts PLUS curriculum, Relationship Coaching and, for those youth who need additional support, Therapeutic Counseling. All components align with the goals and objectives of teaching the benefits of self-regulation, success sequencing for poverty prevention, healthy relationships, goal setting and resisting sexual coercion, dating violence, and other youth risk behaviors

Equips participants with skills to improve their relationships (e.g. communication). Healthy relationships lead to better mental health, lower rates of juvenile delinquency, and improved school performance. Interactive workshops for adults and youth.

Your EFFORT can positively impact relationships. Your KNOWLEDGE can help your family become stronger.  Your family’s beliefs and values can lay the FOUNDATION for your future.


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